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Subject:  Re: Magnificent takedown of Piers Date:  1/12/2013  5:43 AM
Author:  Vile Number:  114053 of 153651

"Would you mind supporting your assertion with actual facts? In this case, please provide statements from the framers showing they intended for arms ownership to be ubiquitous in order to make a mob rebellion easier? (Just a few of them will do, since they were not of unanimous opinion on this or much else.) Jefferson's "tree of liberty" statement might be a good start, but be careful about the context."

You rely on the Shay's rebellion argument like it is the only point in history that actually matters. Clue: it isn't the be all and end all to this argument though I do have one.

While history is replete with quotes that support our contention, we do not need a lot. We really only need one from one of the authors of the second amendment, actully two. The author I speak of is George Mason.

"[W]hen the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to d