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Subject:  Re: Here's why Libs don't get it Date:  1/12/2013  1:10 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  666039 of 794961

BEridan:""We have a problem with too many guns falling into the wrong hands. We need reforms to help mitigate this problem. No solution will be perfect or solve the problem 100%, but we can do better. This is the discussion we should be having in this country. "

Let's see? "Falling" into the wrong hands?

So Biden wants to make private gun sales legislated out of existence?

You really think that will stop the perp buying a gun on the street? He or she already does that. It's already a crime for a convicted felon to buy or merely posses a gun. What will one more law do other than try to make millions of citizens into 'criminals'?

LEt's see...maybe we should try to stop 'illegal drugs' from 'falling' into the wrong hands and ruining the lives of tens of millions of kids and young adults?

Oh..wait....we don't bother to do that worth a darn! can buy pounds of cocaine and tons of pot in any city in the USA. Heck, in two states it's legal to own it and smoke it to your heart's content.


Unfortunately, your 'discussion' does nothing to keep criminals from getting and using guns,

And your 'discussion' does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of mentally 'challenged' (ie, insane or crazy) other people.

In the case of Virginia Tech.....the student's mental records are PROTECTED by GOVERNMENT mandates. The police could not access them, nor could the feds. He passed the background check.

In the case of Newtown, CT....the mother owned the guns, had a CHL, and passed every background check possible. So more rules would have done nothing there.

In the case of Columbine, the guns were legally owned ......and the kids STOLE them. Once again, more laws would have done nothing.

So, in all your discussions, you propose nothing that would have 'prevented' any of those. So there is no reason to discuss giving up rights.

Worse, you silly libs think that one 20 round magazine is horrible, but it takes someone who has practice can swap out a 10 round magazine in about 3 that silly argument gets you nowhere either.....and you can buy magazines by the gazillion and folks do usually own several for their guns, so when they go target shooting they don't spend 90% of their tim