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Subject:  Re: Here's why Libs don't get it Date:  1/12/2013  1:16 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  666041 of 875673

jwiest:"It's laws against gun proliferation that makes it easy even for nut jobs to get them."

There's already 300 million weapons in the hands of Americans.

Obama has done more to boost gun sales than any President in history.

Nut jobs......your mental cases...are protected by federal laws. You can't have their 'doctor patient' records. It's not in the system. You can't incarcerate them without their permission and most don't know they are whacko....that's the law, folks.

We got too many folks on psychotropic drugs.....that cause suicide and other thoughts.....we need more study and controls on them.

Most of those 'nut cases' of yours were perfectly sane when they bought their weapons, or 'borrowed' them from legal owners.

With 300 million guns out there, it's likely that within a 1/2 mile radius of anyone in suburbia, there are dozens if not hundreds of weapons present.

What you really need to do is put gun criminals away for a long time. Now we play 'catch and release'. 27th conviction armed robbery gets you 3 weeks in the slammer. If that. Zero tolerance on pleas for second and beyond offenders.

When the cops and feds go after the gangs and perps, the crime rate plummets.

Joliet IL went after the gangs. Second largest city in IL. No murders last year. Meanwhile, the largest city in IL had 500 murders, 90% gang related. too many bleeding heart libs run the place. THey are soft on crime and criminals. It shows.

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