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Subject:  Re: Here's why Libs don't get it Date:  1/12/2013  2:15 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  666060 of 875696

Beridan:"I am fully in favor of working on all of these issues as well, however not to the exclusion of gun proliferation and guns falling into the wrong hands."

You'd be a lot better off addressing drug addiction, the need for druggies to commit crimes by the millions to get their Oxycotin and other mind altering drugs, along with heroin and crack cocaine.

I'd start by executing anyone with a meth lab or in possession with intent to distribute cocaine, meth, heroin, crack, ecstasy, date rape drugs......

Quick trials....and a quick execution. That would cut gun and gang violence by 95% in less than a year.

And no, you are only interested in token legislation, depriving honest folks on the right to own a gun, and putting all sorts of impediments in their way to buy a gun, which will do nothing to keep them out of criminals hands. Remember, it is already a felony for a convicted felon to have a gun. or to even try to buy one.

There were 100 cases last year where felons tried to buy a gun legally. The fed system rejected them. Only nine of the cases were followed up on by the FBI, and the other 91 were just ignored!....your criminals trying to buy guns, and you libs didn't even bother to investigate and put them in jail!!...

and you want more laws you'll only selectively enforce? why? there are 20,000 gun laws now!

one more won't do anything but hassle innocent citizens.

Why don't you take a gun class and learn about firearms instead of being a gun fearing ninny?



Beridan:"If your wife was diagnosed with cancer and your kid broke their arm, would you postpone getting your kid's arm treated until your wife's cancer was addressed? You seem to be saying we can only work on one issue at a time."

No..since my wife would likely only go once a month for cancer treatment and it could easily be scheduled around getting my kid to the emergency room to take care of the broken arm.

Congress can't even work on one item at a time.

Show me a budget, now 4 years overdue.

Only they have time to pass 100 stupid laws a year designating things like city XX is the purple xyz flower capital of the world and june XX is national hot dog appreciation day and such silliness.

So what 'law' do you think would actually keep guns out of criminals hands? Be specific. Remember, 99% of the time, criminals can have their partner, spouse, ex, boyfriend, or other legally buy a gun, which later gets stolen and the perp has it. that, too, is a crime to buy a gun for someone else...but it doesn't seem to stop the crime element, nor would 'registering' them do anything to stop that, right?

SO give me a good law you would come up with that would not hassle the innocent citizens and actually stop gun crime!...please!....

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