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Subject:  Re: Low Information 0bama Voters Date:  1/13/2013  9:31 PM
Author:  MadCapitalist Number:  666259 of 876091

I think you are comparing apples and garbage when you compare budget/GDP at the end of the Clinton years with the ratio two years into the Great Republican Recession (see, I don't just blame Bush.)

And you would also have to remove from the comparison the cost of the two unfunded wars Bush chose to borrow money to pay for, as well as the impact of his tax cuts.

And, and I don't know how this would impact things, but Social Security and Medicare, which are funded by special taxes, should not be rolled into the whole. Got any source that has done anything remotely like that?

So spending increased massively but it gets a free pass in terms of its impact on the debt?

That's asinine.

And why shouldn't Social Security and Medicare be "rolled into the whole"? Where do you think the money is coming from to pay benefits in excess of Social Security and Medicare taxes?

And stop calling the wars "unfunded" unless you are going to also call unemployment benefits "unfunded," Medicaid "unfunded," and all sorts of other non-defense spending that has exploded the deficit.

It's absolutely ridiculous how liberals demand that wars be funded but nothing else. They are perfectly fine with spending the money whether the tax revenue is there or not.
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