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Subject:  Re: Here's why Libs don't get it Date:  1/13/2013  10:33 PM
Author:  JoshRandall Number:  666290 of 876058

You are talking about a group that wants socialism, because capitalism is not perfect. And make no mistake that is the essence of their economic theories and desires.

"Liberals often denounce free markets as immoral. The reality is exactly the opposite. Free markets, characterized by peaceable, voluntary exchange, with respect for property rights and the rule of law, are more moral than any other system of resource allocation." Walter Wiliams

The parts of capitalism they don't like are:

1. Peacaable VOLUNTARY exchange (Must use government intervention and force, i.e., minimum wage, 0bamacare, etc.)

2. Respect for Property Rights (You didn't build that and the only reason you have wealth and property is that the government made it possible and what if you have too much wealth, it can be confiscated. And we have the right to spread YOUR wealth and resdistribute it in any way we deem necessary if we think you have too much and someone else has too little, i.e., legalized theft of other people's property - not to mention serious abuses with eminent domain as we have seen on the east coast.)

3. Respect for the rule of law (The don't respect the rule of law. They think a President can order a private business to fire a CEO and force it to go into bankruptcy where bond investors who have legal priority under the law to be the first creditors to be paid can be trumped by their political cronies, the unions, who can jump in the front of the line while the legally secured(LOL) bond holders get screwed and are left with nothing.

Liberalism is tyranny cloaked in compassion. A wolf in sheep's clothing.
Liberalism is a severe mental disorder.
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