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Subject:  Re: Low Information 0bama Voters Date:  1/14/2013  2:24 AM
Author:  khalou Number:  666315 of 795309

Americans keeping their own money is called "wasteful." Disgusting

Do me a favor will ya? Take a moment to use the brain you were born with and ask yourself why anyone would even suggest paying more for something. They may be wrong, of course, but there must be a reason besides stupidity.

What you need is a quantum leap in your thinking. You are so determined to see things in a particular way that is so ridiculously primitive that you can't see the obvious reality.

Open up for a second and entertain the idea that is the basic foundation for all knowledge we currently posses and that is that whatever we believe may be wrong.

I do this on a constant basis and it hasn't harmed me in any way.

Step one- Why would perfectly intelligent people want to pay more in taxes? Remember that these people are supposedly perfectly intelligent and probably aren't morons. As I said before, they may be wrong, but at least there must be a good reason for doing something that seems so ridiculous on the surface.

Then look here-

We paid the highest taxes during the war years. War is expensive. All Americans participated in the winning of those wars.

For some reason, taxes were actually cut during our most recent wars. Wow- we have a deficit! Imagine that.

Our taxes are historically low. Guess what happens when you don't take in as much as you're giving out? You get a deficit.

Cut expenses you say? Here's another reality for you-