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Subject:  Re: mispronouncing Date:  1/14/2013  10:38 AM
Author:  legalwordwarrior Number:  12832 of 14841

I wonder how many of them, like Kibosh, have a regional pronounciation? It reminds me of a woman from up north who once tried to correct my sister in law's pronounciaiton of "Decatur" Down here, we call it "DEE KAY TUR" while the woman tried to correct her to call it "DEH KUH TUR". My Sister in law promptly told her about how the street had been in Houston for decades and maybe she should read up on their fair city before trying to correct the natives?

For proper names, my mother's first name is "Joan" pronounced like Joan of Arc as one syllable.

Years ago, when I was a kid, she was on a bowling team and there was a woman on the opposing team who kept commenting on her game calling her "Jo Ann" After mom corrected her a couple of times "It's Joan", the woman said "I'm sorry, JOAN" with the name several octaves lower than the rest of the sentence.

Mom responded by walking up to her and stating "My family calls me Nona, my friends call me Joan, you may call me Mrs. <Last Name Here>"

The woman sat there in stunned silence, but never screwed up Mom's name again.


No doubt about where my sometimes short temper came from ;0)
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