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Subject:  Re: Low Information 0bama Voters Date:  1/16/2013  5:54 PM
Author:  JoelCairo Number:  666899 of 875606

On what did Owebama spend $5.6 trillion in four years? Is there an accounting published anywhere?

Ask Paul Ryan, why don't you? More spercifically, he spent money on propping up and restimulating the economy -- as much as the extremist minority of Congressmen in control of the House GOP would allow -- and he started to wind down the Bush wars. Oh yes, he eliminated useless private sector middle men -- high price welfare queens, I'd guess you call them -- from taking a huge bite out of student loan payments. Killed OBL. Helped overthrow Qaddafi. Stuff like that.

I don't think he did enough, and some of the things he didn't do I wish he had -- like close Gitmo, but since he is not a dictator as you people like to hope he would be, he has to work within the system, even when it is held hostage by a rabid minority of unrealistic ideologues.

Still, I'm waiting for you to own up to your share in supporting Blush and his borrowed wars and tax cuts that for the rich that did not contribute to a healthy or growing economy. But I won't hold my breath, heh heh.
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