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Subject:  Re: Balance problem Date:  1/17/2013  6:08 AM
Author:  VeeEnn Number:  57555 of 58955

I think you might want to get this checked out by someone who knows......on the principle that it's sometimes the subtle synptoms that are the ones you should react to (not that I'm good at that, mind)

I don't think "lack of strength" is likely to be your problem. I don't know how much you weigh over "ideal" but just for the sake of argument, if I carried around, say, a couple o' 12 kg kettlebells routinely all day and every day that would be considered a Serious Workout!

Reaction time, OTOH is something different. This is what the frail elderly suffer from more than frailty. That's what's often the issue when folk complain of lack of balance. You might lose it naturally with the passage of time because you never challenge yourself.....or it might be an early warning that there's something going on that's totally unrelated to body weight, activity level etc.

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