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Subject:  Gaming Notebook Date:  1/18/2013  6:42 AM
Author:  halco Number:  35031 of 36435

I'm currently saving up to buy moiself a gaming notebook. My budget will be about $1600ish and I should be at that goal in May. I'm really excited as this will be the first notebook I've ever bought. One of my jobs I work third shift 3 nights a week as a hotel desk clerk. This can be a very quiet shift and being able to play games, watch media, and surf the interwebs will definitely make the nights pass faster.

I've been bouncing around the net doing research and this price point should get me a pretty decent system: 17" screen, 8-12 gb ram, SSD hd, 500-750gb SATA hd, Core i5-i7, vid card w/2 gb ram, DVD drive, wifi, Win OS. One thing I don't care about is battery life as I will only use this at the hotel where I can plug it in while in use.

I'm not an experienced gamer and haven't had a notebook in years, so I have a few questions: Will this system handle most of the current games out there and should it be good for the next few years at least? I don't need it to necessarily play the latest and greatest at the highest resolution but I do want to be able to have a good choice of material to play for the next few years before I have to start considering upgrading. I'm mainly interested in FPS games.

Anyone have experience with They let you customize the system and the