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Subject:  Gold Will Save The Financially Collapsing World Date:  1/18/2013  12:56 PM
Author:  goldcountry Number:  330 of 333

Gold Will Save The Financially Collapsing World Of Debt

January 17, 2013
by Jim Sinclair

My Dear Extended Family,

The following article from the Telegraph was sent to us from Dean Harry Schultz. It was Dean Harry Schultz that gave me my first great opportunity. I worked for him for 11 great years.

I have been outlining this evolution to you for more than a decade. This article touches on it, but does not outline it. This article smells it but does not yet fully appreciate it. This process is behind the ascendancy of the euro despite every bear argument to the settlement currency of choice.

This is happening in the marketplace, and not behind closed doors in smoke filled rooms. Yes, there are closed doors involved in it, but they are free market proponents. I know more about this than even the people who have already adopted a name for it.

Gold is going to and beyond $3500 based entirely on this initiative certain to become completed as a reality. It is already happening r