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Subject:  Re: the God we present is bankrupt Date:  1/18/2013  11:30 PM
Author:  lhaselden Number:  185025 of 199118

I still found the words of that pastor to be very...cutting. He cut through the BS and got down to it. The Church's priorities not lining up with scripture, nor with the (perhaps scripture inspired?) priorities of young people.

I think the pastor is assuming that the nones know the scripture... I do not think the affiliated know the scripture and most of them have no desire to.....

My faith is that the WORD/LOGOS/TAO is integral in creation and if that true then TRUTH resonates with many. Some are hardened to that but just as many of the hardened are affiliates as not, as many profess to be christians as atheists.

I think that is why many of the nones detest religion but not God, if God they consider the possibility of a spiritual realm.

I think the teachings of Jesus resonate with many atheists as well. As some have pointed out here there are many elements of Christ's teachings that are found as elements of other religions. This does not surprise me, he never claimed His teachings to be unique, he did not claim them as His but that they came from the ONE who sent Him.

There is much to be learned from many religions but most become organizations with more loyalty to the organization than to the deity or the teachings. That is why the RCC's response to abuse of children was little different than the Boy Scouts. My preacher spoke to me once about the need to protect the church, I did not respond gently and he has never spoke to me about protecting the church since.

If the church is HIS church the gates of hell cannot prevail against it... it needs no protection from anything this world can throw at it..... if it is not HIS church then let it be dust and ashes.
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