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Subject:  Atheism Date:  1/19/2013  2:06 AM
Author:  khalou Number:  667195 of 876375

The word "Atheist" was first used to describe theists that went against the doctrine of the day. These accused persons were actually theists that disagreed with the standard beliefs of the church.

At the time, there were no individuals that proclaimed ignorance to the belief in a god. It simply meant that the accused did not believe the theism of the day.

The word Atheist was a slur in other words. It meant that those who had earned its moniker were evil and had forsaken the truth knowingly.

The modern use, while having been hijacked from the original meaning, has been redefined by its claimants to mean A (not) theists (believers).

An atheist might tell you that there is no god, but they can't prove it. It is impossible to do so. These are the cheerleaders that scream that their side is best no matter what the scoreboard says.

You can't possibly judge all atheists by the few that have determined, against all scientific reason, that there could be no god.

The existence of a creator god is simply not a scientific concept. It is not falsifiable, therefore, not scientific. If there is no means to disprove a theory, then it is not a scientific theory.

I may propose that there is an invisible dragon in my garage that can't be sensed by any method available to modern technology, and could never be proven wrong. I would then be allowed to believe in my invisible dragon for the rest of my life without any real argument against my chosen belief. You, I'm assuming, would be atheistic with regard to my invisible dragon, but that doesn't mean that you could say with any scientific conviction that it doesn't exist.

But if you took it upon yourself to argue that I am wrong and that there is certainly no invisible dragon in my garage, I would have to say that you are making a statement that couldn't be supported.

And I would be correct.

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