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Subject:  Re: Germany’s Gold Is Being Held Hostage Date:  1/19/2013  8:35 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  413723 of 479766

Forgive me, I know nothing about King World News except what I have learned the last 20 minutes poking around their website and related sites (or at least those which quote it extensively) around the web.

The gold Germany thinks it has at the Fed doesn't actually exist, is that right? Also, the gold in the vaults in Canada doesn't actually exist, or in dramatically short of what is claimed, is that right, too? Also Australia is fudging the books. And the various places where you buy gold but don't take delivery aren't actually storing the gold, they're just selling you pieces of paper so you think you own the metal, correct?

Likewise silver, in some places in a smaller scale, in some, larger