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Subject:  Re: I need your help Date:  1/19/2013  10:05 AM
Author:  JoshRandall Number:  667216 of 876060

Most yutes have had their share of issues, it's part of being young. And your daughter is no different. I assume she has turned the page on that chapter of her life and if she is a charitable fundraiser, I'm guessing has matured and is in no danger of being a problem for any potentila employer.

I was a drug-using hippie in my yute, go into a lot of trouble as a juvy delinquent, stole stuff (one time a gun), the usual naughty things. I'm sure this stuff was on my record. After coming back from Vietnam, and after getting involved in a life of traveling from one rock festival to another, I decided this lifestyle had no future. Was in a drug rehab program for over 4 years and got my act together. As a high school dropout, there wasn't much of a future other than flipping hamburgers or working in factory. So I decided to go back to school, too the GED, and began to work my a$$ off to learn a profession and be the best I could be. I eventually earned an MBA and haven't done too badly for myself.

When applying for a job, most employers didn't even ask about my background, nor did they do a check. If in those rare situations when I might have been asked about drug use, (which I think might not be legal today), I said no because I knew that I would not use drugs anymore like I did during that time period. And I didn't think it was any of their damned business. I worked for several professional PC's and had no problems with my past - it never was an issue and I didn't volunteer any information. I have become finanically independent and don't give a rat's behind who knows now.

I say that to say this: have her apply at any job she wishes. Most employers (I could be wrong) won't even ask about one's past and I'm guessing they won't do a background check. Some will as apparently she found out. Hey, as a salesperson, she should know that you get 99 rejections before you get one sale. Keep on keeping on and don't let it get her down. My guess is that she will land a job if she works hard at it and doesn't let the past instill fear into her such that she lacks the confidence she would otherwise demonstrate when interviewing.

And even if someone asks hers about her past, just pony up the truth and say yes, I had problems in my youth, but here's what I've done with my life since then.

Turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone. I did. She can. Tell her good luck from a former JD loser who is happily married for over 30 years, financially secure, happy, and who worked his butt off to do whatever was necessary to succeed.
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