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Subject:  Re: Angel of Death... Date:  1/19/2013  12:17 PM
Author:  Rightime Number:  1854047 of 2210789

Nothing but attacking the good and the bad, the stuff both parties agree with it does not matter, blame it all on Republicans and ignore the worst President imaginable.
It is amazing that you consider anyone a dupe.

This could easily be the same comment over a decade ago about Clinton. Oh, yeah, and why was the last Democratic President the “worst President imaginable?”
Well, he was the worst President imaginable because of... well it started out that the was the worst President imaginable because of a suspicious $130,000 investment. It was so suspicious that Ken Starr put together a seven-year 14 million dollar investigation to get to the bottom of it.
Oh yeah, nobody got “duped” here. Of course it turned out he really had Vince Foster murdered, but that duping didn’t pan out, so after a couple more years of duping, a dress with semen, and turns out, that’s what it’s all about... It turned out that what this country needs is a President that’s faithful to his wife and moral. And ya know who pointed this out so well about the then worst President imaginable, the speaker of the house. Turns out later that he was fu*kin three women on the side at the time, but nobody got duped here, no way.
Now the bind partisan conservatives have a new worst President imaginable, and they’re still looking for a dress with semen. Before he was elected Dick Cheney pointed out that he’d be the worst President imaginable because he’d mismanage Afghanistan and Iraq, pull the troops out and destroy all the democracy he and George had been building so well; course that never happened. All the other worst President imaginable stuff hasn’t panned out so well either, his Black Panther wife, His fake birth certificate, his secret Islamic Agenda, His Black Liberation Theology revolution, His plan to pack the courts and his cabinet with black agitators, of course the hunt is still on. This, the worst President imaginable, is bound to unleash his secret agenda soon. Conservatives aren’t gonna get duped again.
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