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Subject:  Re: Anyone else find it funny... Date:  1/19/2013  9:29 PM
Author:  sano Number:  12861 of 12907

But it really should be something that's measurable, shouldn't it?

With all due respect, I think you're over-thinking this.

I have a fairly decent memory, even when I'm enjoying a beer and tacos and college ball....

... things like Charles Whitman, the SanYsidro Massacre, the accumulation of guns at Ruby Ridge and Waco, school shootings, dead kindergartners, postal shootings, .... you can single out 'random.mass.killings.' or whatever and filter out yer malvo's and that truck driver outside the bay area with his arsenal... and the uzi driv-bys in the inner cities, and the oakland 3 per day..


Add them all up and you see why cops and many responsible gun owners are saying "ENOUGH"!

Let the CDC keep tabs on it. Some of these shooters are mentally ill, some of them are sociopaths, some of them are just brainwashed uber-low IQ deficient. We need a federal database on them and we need a federal database on the guns.

It won't stop you and me from sharing a thermos of hot soup in a duck blind.

It won't stop house-mom from blowing away a bad guy with her S&W.38 Special.

But again, why? To what end?

Less murdered school children.

Based on that one NY paper? ....Nope, it's happened before.

Well, vote for me and I'll geld those editors.
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