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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  10:22 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  667324 of 876088

khalou:"I'm not arguing. I'm stating facts." aren't. And you are not the least bit informed about 'debate' either.


khalou:"So you have evidence that there is no god?"

I'm about to have to say you have no reading comprehension skills. Did you manage to get through high school without them.

For the second time, in a debate, it up to the person putting forth a hypothesis to prive it, not ask the other party to 'disprove it'.

If someone is a is up to them to PROVE there exist godthingies.


khalou" I merely stated that the statement "there is no god" cannot be supported."

It's not up to me to support it. IF you state there is a godthingie, it is up to YOU to prove it, not for me to disprove it.

Rule of debate #1...


khalou"As I said, atheism is the absence of belief in a god. "

That might be your 'definition' you'd like to impose, but it is not the correct definition.

Atheism is not being deceived by tales of godthingies and the fantasies associated with them. Those stories are great fiction, nothing else.

YOu flunk debate class once again.


khalou: The positive statement "there is no god" is as unsupportable as is the statement "there is no ice cream factory in the center of the galaxy"."

Unsupportable? back to grade school for you once again. In a debate, you never have to 'disprove' anything. If you suggest there is an ice cream factory in the center of the galaxy, it is up to you to prove it. Not for me to 'disprove it'.

You flunk 'debate class' once again, not knowing the basic rules.


khalou" Having never been there, I couldn't say."

Then you would be mighty stupid to propose that. Just like folks who insist upon godthingies are.


khalou I have no belief that there is, but I can't say for certain that there isn't. Can you?"

I don't have to. It is solely up to the person who makes the hypothesis to put forth the facts for his position. Not for you or me to disprove it.


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