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Subject:  Re: Anyone else find it funny... Date:  1/20/2013  11:22 AM
Author:  TheJTrain Number:  12862 of 12902

With all due respect,

Thanks, very appreciated - backatcha. This is certainly one of the more pleasant conversations on the topic that I've had.

I think you're over-thinking this.

I disagree - I think anyone proposing legislation about anything without doing some analysis on the actual practical effects is under-thinking it. And the amount of analysis/thinking should be increased when the legislation deals with limiting freedoms that have until then been enjoyed. I know it seems like a trivial thing at first glance ("Not having a 30-round mag won't stop me from protecting my home/family"), but shouldn't those in power have concrete reasons for taking things away from the plebs like us, no matter what it is?

Take that principle and apply it to something else we enjoy having and see how we feel about losing it. Having a 32-oz soda is a pretty trivial thing, but when banning it was proposed in NY, did anyone do any kind of analysis, or was it banned on a hunch and a prayer? In my mind, any time someone in government (for, by, of the people, right?) pipes up and says, "We've decided that you can't have plastic and metal formed into that shape anymore" my first thought is, "Tell me why or no sale." In a count