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Subject:  Follow-up on late-talking grandson Date:  1/20/2013  1:10 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  42050 of 42475

He's doing well! His intelligible vocab is hugely improved--he's now at least at age level.His speech therapist is great--low-key and fun, he loves her. He still drools, but gets occasional reminders from parents/speech therapist to close his mouth, which helps. Continues to eat a smaller variety of vegetables than he did as a younger toddler, but his weight is average for his height, and he's strong, energetic, fast, and sleeps well, so the doc isn't concerned. He ate well over Christmas week when I last saw him (he still likes Nana's cooking :-)

He's just 2 and enjoyed the CHristmas gifts I gave him (they came down that week) electric drill with bolts in a bench to drill in and drill out (he quickly discovered the switch to change the direction of spin)--it makes noise, but not too much--not annoying; toddler-sized shopping cart plus a set of plastic foods, pots & pans, cooking utensils--even a knife & cutting board (I got the Mexican foods set, which amuses my daughter); some wooden puzzles; some wooden trucks that come apart; a set of matchbox RVs (we're RVers). I got clothes for his birthday on DD's request. He loved the Christmas tree and was gnetle with it without needing reminders, and kept walking around it pointing out the lights, "gween one, boo one, owange one, wed one, yewwow one, pupoo one..." yeah, a bit of trouble with r's and l's and some s-combos (slide and stairs are hide and hairs-). He enjoyed playgrounds during his visit, although not interested in interacting with other children. He's on the shy side, but happy to try new things like playground equipment. He's an awesome kid, and we love him like crazy. I hope the attention to the new baby form parents and Nanny won;t bug him too much. I plan to give most of my attention to him for a while, and must face the possibility I will never feel so attached to the younger sibling as I won;t have the bonding that came from babysitting for DGS for 18 months.
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