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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  2:58 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  667350 of 876060

Jedi:"To me Atheism is merely not believing in God or a supreme being. Period."

Ah...but in that 'definition' you 'admit' or 'imply' there is a godthingie, right?

A true atheist would never say that. YOu can't 'believe' in what does not exist. You can only play make believe if you are a 'believer'.

That definition of yours would have to include in 'gods' and 'godthingies' since we know that history shows THOUSANDS of godthingies that humans have groveled to over the past 10,000 years. If you are a believer, you can't just 'believe' in one.


Kedo" Militant Atheists want to remove 'In God We Trust', no different than Taliban removing Buddha statues. They are one in the same."

Why should folks have to carry around religious advertising jingles on the money supply? We don't sell out to Coke or Pepsi or Fritos, do we? There is no reason to select one godthingie to advertise and no reason that the 'jingle' should be there.

You don't have to be a militant atheist. I'm sure the muslims here would rather have the jingle read 'there is only one true godthingie and its name is Allah!'.....when they get to be a majority, they'll probably do it. No wait..they don't do religious jingles. They just chop off your head if you don't grovel to their godthingie!...


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