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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  3:19 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  667354 of 876058

"Humans throughout history have believed in many things that were wrong, and have believed in many things in which their beliefs evolved. "

SO that is why , after so much evolving, there are still 3 major religions on the planet, and another 100 minor ones?

heh heh....'s just as divided as ever.....and I'm sure in lots of backwoods places in the Caribbean they still are doing VooDoo...and all over AFrica they are as superstitious as they always have been. My niece can tell you all sorts of stories from her village in Togo. The self appointed 'priests' were always conning the folks into superstitions and against 'main stream' religions......

If you look at the history of 'relgion' , it was mainly who was in power at any given time. One week Norway was bowing to Wodin. Next week after the leader got 'converted' the whole country had to go that way. Church of England? That happened since the king got ticked off at the Holey Roaming Church in Rome.....

You want kings and bishops and the arch types and 100 other little helper beings, both real and imagined? yep, xtians...and they come in 100 different flavors from orthodox to reformed to not reformed.

Druids? We still got them.

Evolved? That's lunacy.

And don't tell the Romans and Greeks they were 'wrong'. They were just as 'right' as xtians or muslims or any other flavor of religion is today! It's all make believe!.

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