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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  5:04 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  667360 of 875664

CC "It's simply not plausible that the universe appeared out of nowhere/nothing. The chances of that happening, what with the magnificence of the universe and everything in it, is practically nill. But that's what atheists believe."

really? then where did the godthingies come from? YOu take it back one step futher. You can't imagine a universe where it just started. You invent godthingies that 'magically appeared' out of nowhere.

And no, atheist don't 'believe' as in make believe. Only theists do.

The probability that godthingies appeared out of nowhere/nothing is NIL.

I can see the universe. It's there for anyone to see.

You realize every time it snows, trillions of perfectly DIFFERENT snowflakes 'magically appear' with complex patterns, supposedly no two the same. Do you really think(believe) there is a 'creator' of snow flakes that magically takes water and forms extremely complicated patterns for all of them? The billions and trillions and quadrillions that have fallen over time!....


CC:"It's far more plausible that a Creator actually did create the magnificence we see before us. Otherwise, an atheist must believe that nothing that exists has any significance whatsoever."

It is far more plausible for you to imagine that something created the godthingies - all of them over history....... hah..not.....

So, please tell me, where did your godthingies come from? out of nowhere?

That is likely the place the universe itself came from and we can eliminate the extra step of coming up with fictional characters you can't see, smell, touch, observe, etc.


CC"Why they don't off themselves in droves in utter hopelessness is a mystery to me. "

Easy. Because we aren't deceived by false and wrong thinking. We don't suffer religious 'guilt trips' imposed upon the believers. We don't feel obligated to cough up 10% of our income to pay the salaries of the corrupt priesthood to abuse little boys.

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