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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  6:57 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  667384 of 876063

"If there is an afterlife....and I don't accept that...everyone goes there, and we all sit around drinking beer, eating great food, burping, playing accordions, and recorders......hiking in the mountains, skiing, doing ham radio , reading....and everyone looks like they are 21 years old, and they don't mind the 2 billion screaming babies that never got potty trained on earth." - tele

Actually a few years back I had a dream where my dad was sitting on a stool in this brightly lit white room. In the dream I walked up to my dad, who died at age 65 of cardiomyopathy, and I said to him "Gee Dad, you look great!" He replied to me, "Guess what Artie! I'm 28!"

When I went to my dad's funeral his skin was blue in the coffin. He was put in a nursing home a few months after his stroke because he started peeing all over himself and the floor and my stepmother couldn't/wouldn't take care of him and in the nursing home he got pneumonia and died soon after.

So at the funeral he was really thin and "blue" in the coffin and he looked rough. I think my Dad was letting me know that he had been healed and that he wasn't 65 and sick anymore but instead he was 28 years old where he was in great shape and felt good.

And as far as the screaming babies? If you understood the holographic universe theory and what it means you'd know that what one person knows in heaven we will all know so there won't be any dichotomy as far as age goes. We will all be equal. All information will be shared. It's a holographic universe thing.

No old people, no young people, no male, no female, just pure consciousness occupying whatever body they might wish to think themselves into. Heaven is a place where thoughts are things and consciousness creates reality.

All the duality we experience in this life won't exist in the next. Duality and separation are "here" things and not "there" things - and it's a by-product of the holographic nature of Heaven.

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