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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  8:03 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  667414 of 876414

"I will grant that you are a smart fella or as smart as the rest of us, which I think is reasonably intelligent, and that you have given this more thought and study than most. Since I personally think with where we are now you are making a call on the unknowable, I do not know how much that research is worth, but I am rooting for ya(sincerely!) as your vision drags everyone else to a good place, and well you simply can not beat that." - arrete

Thank you arrete. It's like this, why would this incredibly brilliant and omnipotent creator create a universe where 90%+ of his creation are bound to fail? It makes no sense at all. It's ridiculous.

But a Creator, pure consciousness, that creates a Universe where every soul learns what it's supposed to learn regardless of who they are, or where they live, or what they believe - now that's brilliant!

It's as simple as the soul's lessons being embedded in our everyday lives and it being holistically imprinted with what it came here to learn - even if it doesn't want to.

And that includes Catherine Coy. Catherine experiences duality and separation, time and space, and makes memories of what it was like to inhabit and control a physical body and live in a 3 dimensional + 1 time universe - even if she doesn't believe it to be true.

What we believe is irrelevant. How we label ourselves is irrelevant. The answer to why we are here is universal. It applies to everyone at every point in time. I even saw a video of a young male chimpanzee that was mourning the loss of it's mother that had died by a stream bank in Jane Goodall's Gombe Stream Reserve. Even that young chimpanzee was experiencing separation; and I guarantee you it was obvious it didn't want to.

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