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Subject:  Re: Marriage Penalty Returns Date:  1/20/2013  10:08 PM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  117443 of 127745

I have run across articles which suggest to high earning couples that are wanting to marry that they live together instead. How is that any different than what I am proposing?

They have made no public promises. I wasn't there, so if your wedding vows included an escape clause regarding inconvenient developments in the Internal Revenue Code, my apologies. I've been well served by learning at an early age not to make promises I can't keep, even when said promises place a burden on me I might not have chosen had I foreseen it. And despite your protestations otherwise I think you're sending a terrible message to your children. "Keep your word unless you find a way to game the system."

You're not the dewey eyed couple charting a future. You're not the couple who, despite their best efforts, couldn't make their marriage work. You're the couple who can't be trusted, in my eyes. Putting a price tag on your word only reminds me of the story that ends with something along the line of "We've already established what you are, madam. Now we're just negotiating a price."

I just went shopping with the wife. I could have driven to the Costco in the adjacent county and paid the 1% higher sales tax. Was I immoral in choosing the local Costco? We can afford it.

Ignoring your silliness here I will point out to lurkers that had you driven to the adjacent state, which has a lower or no sales tax, and returned with your goods without paying your state's use tax you would be breaking the law.

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