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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  10:27 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  667446 of 876033

The joy in seeing a son make contact when swinging a bat in Tee-ball
every bit as great as any success I have personally had - and the
pain of leaping up to catch a pass and missing becomes a
wonderfully joyful story well past the pain of a loss is felt.
Even in losing loved ones, we choose the memories we hold
dearest and closest - and we impose our judgement. But that is not
the same as the judgement of the Creator.

You got my point and then let it slip right on by

How the heck do you know that? Is it not presumptuous to believe that you know the will of God if you belief he is a being that does care etc.

You may know, you may not. Did man create God or God create man? Either way would indeed make God exist. Either way he woluld have great value to man, but only if man created God would you be likely to know God's motives.

Once you get into thinking you know the will of God, you are in deep grass IMO. You can trust the Bible or the Koran to tell you God's will, of course in a few thousand years people who study it full time still disagree on what it says, so that may not be the cleanest way to be sure.

IMO, at best Christianity says that God is unable to easily communicate with man and that man has great difficulty with his message -- and I favor a belief in the Christian God BTW.

So please check your assumptions before telling me off. BTW I also know why I enjoyed my daughter's less than 30 percent feats from the foul line as a child and why we celebrated effort -- but how do I know that God feels differently about me? I can guess, but danged if I am going to claim to know.
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