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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  10:34 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  667449 of 876075

lowstudent:"Make believe?"



lowstudent:"It is an attempt to make logic of stuff there is no logical explanation of."

Like thunder..they invented Wodin hammering on his shield.....

Like floods and ships lost at sea...they invented Neptune

got it?

they were ignorant.

Same today.


Lowstudent:"Someone fits the pieces together and comes to a different conclusion."

No , usually it's 'there's a void, so let's make up an answer for it'.


lowstudent: Same situation existed for a long time with a lot of stuff with a lot of wrong and alternate theories with lots of them having some kernel that was part of the solution eventually but laughably wrong."

So Neptune had a 'kernel' of truth? Wodin?


lowstudent:"Your 'proof; that you are right is nothing but sour grapes."

You must not have been reading the thread. You never have to disprove a negative in a debate.


lowstudent:" At the end of the day there was something else and we apparently came from that."

Really? so you are 'making things up' to explain things? LIke Wodin and Neptune once again?


lowstudents" You have it out for someone so you lash out at priests or whatever. "

The only folks I have it 'out for' are those who wish to shove their religious jingles in front of me all the time, and insist I don't do anything on THEIR 'sabbath day' like not go shopping our eating out. Blue laws, etc...or all the other religious crap they want to lay on us. Like no contraception..... and on from there....


lowstudent:"Enjoy, but I don't have to tell you that you obviously do in your own seemingly bitter way."

hee hee...always the theist has to make the atheist out out to be 'unhappy' and 'bitter'...always.....comes with being a theist.

Misery loves company and theists have lots of misery in their lives, trying to do the right kind and often enough groveling to their godthingies. Religion is nothing but a guilt trip.


lowstudent:"You offer no more proof of no God than folks do of God."

Which of the 1500 godthingies you talking about?

And once again, you fail miserably in reading comprehension. You are the one who has to prove their are godthingies. No one can disprove a negative. It's like 'prove there is no green cheese on the moon - anywhere.....


lowstudent:" You can rail against religion all you want. That seems kind of stupid to me personally, it is like railing against government there have been all kinds of bad government."

Yes, and the ones that get tangled with godthingies are the worst ones. Which is why our founding fathers made sure we had to state religion...Guaranteed you can do all the crazy things you like, like kneeling and groveling and drinking blood and eating flesh long as you do it in your homes and godboxes.

I just get upset when theists want to expand it to forcing everyone to carry religious jingles on their money or spends any tax money on anything religious..or gives religious 'entities' tax free status and doesn't charge them real estate taxes.


lowstudent:"Religion is more a societal structure than anything else if you look at it in total."

Really? A billion plus Chinese don't grovel to godthingies. THey've had a society for 10 times longer than ours. You lose on that argument. Same for the Japanese.


lowstudent:" The kind you hate is nationalistic in essence. Religion is humanity, if God did not exist man would have to create him, is one of the trues statements out there."

Tell that to the Japanese and Chinese.....

That's your limited 'western' idea....once again, a self invented godthingie guilt trip.


lowstudent:"Has someone out there actually hit on what the creator wanted of us? Maybe."

Maybe he , she , or it wanted nothing after , in some fiction tales, to do with humans any more. Seven billion groveling humans all seeking special favors and being saved from their own stupidity over and over again? ya gotta be kidding!....


Yes, folks enjoy fiction and make believe. That doesn't make it real. Heck, some football players have fictional girl friends, too.

SO you've got an invisible, not all that powerful, never seen, heard or otherwise, except in special burning bush specials or on stone tablets just once..... unable to stop 'chariots of iron'.....and just about anything else.....burps and moans and groans.....has hissy fits....friend? ya gotta be kidding.

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