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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/20/2013  11:38 PM
Author:  Howie52 Number:  667458 of 875607

Let's many tens of millions of people die each year? There are about 85,000 seconds a when you die, you'll get less than a nanosecond for judgement day? Wow..I'm impressed.....considering they are probably still using quill and parchment in heaven and who knows how big a filing cabinet.....

They've got to be expanding living quarters at an amazing rate to house all the folks, and it is truly a miracle to think of all the food production that has to occur......

unless, of course, you just hang around , don't eat, don't pee (think of the heavenly sewer system!, and just sing hymns 24 hours a day, , 365 days a year......sitting on the right knee of the godthingie along with six billion others at the moment....that's gotta be quite a sight!

t. "



I might be off the mark a tad, but you seem to be excessively
into the bodily function side of the afterlife.

Somehow or other, we all tend to all be limited to what we
see - what we've experienced - and how we have interpreted
our observations. We have limitations - physically, spiritually,
intellectually and in our ability to communicate.
There is a wide gap between how man can understand the Creator,
the Son of Man, and the Spirit. Goes well beyond my ability to
communicate or really understand. So, there is a matter of
faith - capitalized to Faith simply because it takes a great leap.
It takes a recognition that I cannot and will not fully understand.
I will never be able to convince others.
There is no proof - no particle waiting to be discovered by
some physicist - no logic. There is a Book - but books are written
and then translated by people - and people are always subject to bias
and to human error. We believe that the Book is divine guidance - and
certainly, you do not find many books written that in the long haul
tells people to forgive, to love others - even your enemies, to
treat others as you would want to be treated.
How many tribes have existed and thrived who treat strangers with
kindness? Who tell people to turn the other cheek? Is this
something that would "evolve" through natural selection alone?
Would human nature lead us to this approach?
Maybe - some other religions go in similar directions - but human
history does not make this a common path - even (in some ways especially) in the history of Christian civilizations. We are all
still human and have human weaknesses. Love of power - love of
money - love of self. We do not "pass the test" if you will.
And the recognition that we can never "pass the test" on our own
is a basic tenet of the Faith - again a capital F.

Perhaps if I was a better Christian I could convince - or at least
more properly describe the religion or get folks to find out from
folks who really know.

Sorry for being wordy and repetitive.
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