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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/21/2013  10:03 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  667497 of 876451

lowstudent:"And you have your sour grapes. "

Always the 'whine' of the theist. They can't accept a happy atheist. heh heh.....


lowstudent:"Your expertise on what others believe is outstanding."

You are free (thank the Constitution) to grovel to whatever godthingies you want. I could care less. Just don't foist your superstitions in front of me with jingles on the national currency and the like.

You can believe whatever 'fairy tales' you wish. Angel tales and demon tales and all sorts of other helper beings too..cherubs...... the list goes on and on. You did read about the supernatural things like angels in the bible,right? They're the ones that blew the I guess you have ears in heaven.


lowstudent:" It is sad that you feel your projections define what so many other people think."

Think? Imagine is more like it.


lowstudent:"Sincerely, I feel bad that someone has apparently messed up your head so badly."

Once again, the 'theists whine'. You imply there must be something wrong with someone if they aren't gullible and suck up to groveling.


lowstudent: "If there is an active God, I hope he helps you out,"

Maybe there are 1500 godthingies, and they are jealous (you're bi-bull tells you so)....but...for some reason, you picked the wrong one. And the others are going to make you pay and pay and pay for worshipping the wrong one (or the one who lost the last election up there, down there, over there, or wherever!)....

lowstudent:" it has to suck being you and having to deal with all these folks you despise."

With half the American people now having no active 'religious life' and no need for godthingies, it is just a matter of a few generations till the godthingie phobias are finally overcome.

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