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Subject:  Impressed with AMEX fraud protection Date:  1/21/2013  11:30 AM
Author:  2gifts Number:  306733 of 309667

I know some folks don't like AMEX because it is not as widely accepted as Master Card and Visa, but I have the Blue Cash and it is my card of choice.

Recently, I have been very impressed with their fraud protection, and thought I'd post a note about that.

Back on Dec 31, DH and I signed up with a local gym that was running a promotion, and the pricing worked out that it made more financial sense for each of us to have our own membership. So they put the first charge through, and then when they put the 2nd identical charge through, AMEX rejected it, so we tried DH's AMEX, and that was rejected, too. We ended up using a different credit card, but we were still standing in the gym doing all the paperwork when my cell phone rang with a call from AMEX about the fraud alert from those suspicious charges. I got it all cleared up, but I was impressed that they were that quick.

This morning, I had an email from their Fraud Protection department about some $4000 charge from Hong Kong with instructions to either log into my account or call the number on my card. I called, and the HK dollars translates to about $777 USD, and the charge was made about 3 hours prior to me calling, so they were right on top of it.

Apparently, my card has been compromised (now I have to figure out from where), and they have cancelled my card and have processe