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Subject:  Re: Atheism Date:  1/22/2013  1:09 AM
Author:  warrl Number:  667676 of 835385

It's simply not plausible that the universe appeared out of nowhere/nothing.

Quite plausible actually. And I'm no atheist - more of an extreme pantheist.

There's a decent amount of evidence that all the matter and energy in the universe adds up pretty close to zero - close enough to think that if we had accurate and precise measurements of everything, it probably would be exactly zero. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. And we have observed physical phenomena that would not occur - according to our current understanding - if particles did not continue to appear (in balanced pairs that add up to zero) out of nothing, so we are pretty sure that stuff DOES appear out of nothing.

The chances of that happening, what with the magnificence of the universe and everything in it, is practically nil.

Incorrect. Particularly if one thinks that any of quite a few multiple-universe hypotheses - either simultaneous or sequential universes - is likely to be true. Either there's something the physicists haven't figured out yet tying the "fundamental constants" together and causing them to be compatible with complex life, or the set of values we have is just as likely as any other set of values. But if a universe doesn't have a set c