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Subject:  Re: Don't Show This To A Baby Boomer Date:  1/22/2013  10:23 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  667726 of 876384

The truth is I don't give a cr@p what other people eat or don't eat.

Well, I sort of have to care about what two people eat (my wife and son), at the very least so I don't end up with a wife tossing her cookies everywhere (onions do her in every time, plus she's diabetic) and while my son doesn't have any known allergies he's in grade school. Bringing "tree nuts" into his school is akin to a hate crime, it's forbidden in no uncertain terms due to rampant allergies. Heck, there's a kid in his scout den who is allergic to nuts, dairy... practically everything kids eat at his age! So in order to not kill (literally!) one of his friends I have to pay attention to these things. Makes planning a birthday party more of a chore.

Me? I'll eat damn near anything. I pay some attention to nutrition (I don't want to keel over dead tomorrow!) but not nearly as much as, say, someone who listens to their nutritionist. I had steak and green beans for dinner last night and eggs, ham, english muffins (w/margarine) and coffee this morning. Tonight we're having corned beef brisket. I guarantee I'll eat too much of it (I LOVE corned beef!). My wife drinks too much pop (even diet), I'm more of a juice/water/tea/milk/coffee person. Coca-cola is good though! I better think so, I'm a KO shareholder.
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