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Subject:  Re: Don't Show This To A Baby Boomer Date:  1/22/2013  11:40 AM
Author:  LuckyDog2002 Number:  667751 of 876452

"Ramen noodles aren't on any of the lists... though I don't think they're all inclusive to be fair. And some of them are contradictory (one said they would eat Doritos, in small servings of course)." - colovion

The truth is I don't give a cr@p what other people eat or don't eat. I don't let other people tell me how to live my life, what I should like or don't like, or how I should think.

I am my own person. I can think for myself. And that includes religion and Christianity and what it is and the place it fits in my life.



Same here art, I don't care what others eat, I'm not in charge of them, I'm only responsible for what I eat. It's taken me quite some time to figure out what to eat and what foods that I need to avoid to not set off my food addiction, but it can also be set off by my emotions and stress and I can overeat healthy foods as well.

I've been to I think 3 nutritionists over the yrs and although I brought a list of problem foods and binge foods, they made menus with those foods on them. Ugh! So, since they gave me permission, I tried them again with the same result. Nutritionists need more training on food addiction and triggers. Bottom line, with food, diet and exercise, one has to experiment and see what works for them.

Last yr. a friend from the gym and I went to Panera Bread for dinner before we saw a show and since I had a yearning for a Diet Coke, I had it with my meal...usually I get water to be cheap. :) Anyway, during the meal, she said snippily, "Why are you drinking Diet Coke?" as if it was most distasteful. I snapped right back, "well, why do you drink wine?, it's empty calories and full of sugar". She meekly said, yeah, it's full of sugar and let it die. I couldn't believe the nerve of her or anyone questioning my food or drink, as if they were the Chief Justice of My Nutrition. Ain't none of her business!

Now, if someone on here was a cannibal, I'd have a problem with that and turn that info over to Colovion.

LuckyDog :)
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