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Subject:  Re: Don't Show This To A Baby Boomer Date:  1/22/2013  4:37 PM
Author:  TheBaronAndrew Number:  667811 of 875664

Last yr. a friend from the gym and I went to Panera Bread for dinner before we saw a show and since I had a yearning for a Diet Coke, I had it with my meal...usually I get water to be cheap. :) Anyway, during the meal, she said snippily, "Why are you drinking Diet Coke?" as if it was most distasteful. I snapped right back, "well, why do you drink wine?, it's empty calories and full of sugar". She meekly said, yeah, it's full of sugar and let it die. I couldn't believe the nerve of her or anyone questioning my food or drink, as if they were the Chief Justice of My Nutrition. Ain't none of her business!

Some people are just control freaks. <shrug>

A long time ago, a friend (who is no longer in my life nowadays) used to do that to me. Once on some road trip or other, we stopped at a restaurant and I wasn't all that hungry and just ordered a salad, and he accused me of being "anorexic". WTF? Number one, I was a bit paunchy at the time (anorexics aren't), and number two, I didn't see why I needed to eat a ton of calories when I had done nothing but sit in a car all day. Sheesh.

On another occasion a few years later, this friend invited me out for a drive with him and his BF at the time, and we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. I wasn't really hungry, I had eaten earlier, and had just accepted the invitation for the company, so I just ordered a salad or whatever (who the hell remembers, this was 20 years ago), and he started in on lecturing me how I needed to eat meat.

He also would lecture me on why whoever I was dating at the time was wrong for me, and why I should be dating someone else, in a different age range or whatever. Sometimes he did this even when he'd never met the other person!

I used to just take that stuff back then, and only silently stew over it, but nowadays I think I would really let him have it. I'm not as sweet as I used to be.
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