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Subject:  Re: Middle Class[Income] Jobs ain't Coming Back? Date:  1/23/2013  12:06 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  667904 of 876366

My advice to young people? Be up on tech skills and go into a tech career if you have the aptitude.

Yes, but be well-rounded too, not just within Tech but outside of it. Even being too "techy" can be a negative when adaptation is the key.

Part of the reason I jumped at the chance to get my son into Cub Scouts is that it'll help broaden his horizons. If I wanted him to be a techy he could sit at home playing video games all day (for the most part), but having lots of varied skills is a great thing.

I ended up in a rather technical role (lots of tech in crime analysis these days) despite majoring in History of all things. Some skills you can learn on the job (like how to write Access databases, I've never had a class in it, it's almost all self-taught) but getting the job may take many other skills. I had to work as a report-taker, dispatcher, car jump-starter, orienteer, etc. before I ended up in this roll. My History degree came in handy in ways I never thought it would... I still have to take reports that come in and re-enter them into the correct system, in the process taking an often incomprehensible mess and turning into a factual account of something that happened. In other words, I'm recording historical events for prosperity... my audiences are insurance companies, lawyers, juries, judges, victims and suspects... perhaps even future archeologists will be pawing through my larceny report entries to learn about everyday life. My ability to write a comprehensible report has certainly been noticed and rewarded.

It's one of those things you learn after college, unfortunately... unless you have someone sitting there, telling you how it is. My son will have that. Is that an "unfair advantage"? Perhaps, but I'm giving it to him anyway.
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