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Subject:  Re: Middle Class[Income] Jobs ain't Coming Back? Date:  1/23/2013  1:45 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  667921 of 875680

The name of the game is being able to adapt to changing market conditions both physically and mentally. Those with the most adaptable skills will succeed. Those with limited skills or highly specialized skills that cannot be adapted will be in trouble. Literacy, math, and a broad set of technical skills are the keys.

Yes it is.

However, it used to be that you could make it into the middle class simply on the strength of a strong back and dedication. So the middle class is going to shrink

Of course the poor are living better than the middle class used to, so it really is all relative.

Everything is so much more efficient. Executives make decisions with a level of detail previously unimagined, the defect rate of machinery is so much lower than it ever was and the production capacity so much higher it really is almost unimaginable. Those same more productive machines require no more maintenance in fact less, and less folks to operate.

Fixing the machines? Pop in a new board, little expertise compared to yesteryear with all today's toss away components.

But we have the internet/whatever today -- you mean a more efficient less labor intensive delivery system than before ? That is the case in the vast majority of what we have

We have to increase our leisure activities and increase our leisure spending because out 'needs' are met by so few it is actually scary.

We have a society where we need more well educated well motivated people and can compensate them very well, but there is a growing drop off from those folks to the next level of folks.

We deny at at out own risk. But we will face it, will the answer be a more educated competent workforce and a 3 day workweek? Yes folks produce enough that it is now viable -- if that is the case how does the world get there?

There is an interesting time coming -- we are not restocking or running down inventories our leisure spending is not being curtailed our travel, eating out etc, perhaps a marginal hit and we have what percent unemployment?

MAybe we are awaiting a new wave of something. Maybe it is different, we foraged for 7 day to eat, we worked 6 longer day, we worked 5 days all as productivity made the difference -- we have had as big a jump in productivity as the world has ever seen with the efficiency we see now.

TO think we are going to not see something change and not have a problem with unemployment sometime in the not too distant future seems questionable to me.
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