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Subject:  Re: Middle Class[Income] Jobs ain't Coming Back? Date:  1/23/2013  9:34 PM
Author:  bjchip Number:  414167 of 537079

Good for you- Wait until you try to get another job after you've passed the big Four-Zero and the stuff you know has been replaced with a new lot of stuff you have to learn. I've had 5 "career changes" in my 40 years of working life, I have 3 University Degrees, I have re-skilled and re-trained madly and I am one of those (like many here) in the top 5% or so of human intelligence. I started finding it hard after I passed 45, and almost impossible past 55. Yet my family depends on my "middle class" income and I am barely squeaking by.

The future (using the current societal design) belongs to the people who OWN stuff and property... and the rest of us are consigned to indentured servitude or simple slavery. There isn't anything else on offer and the premise "work hard and you will get ahead", on which the whole of our society is based is now (as indicated by the OP) broken.

You MIGHT if you are lucky... but most won't and there's no such promise available any more.

Yet the idea of re-thinking the basis of the society as a whole is something that will make quite a few heads explode.

This change is coming. It isn't going to be an easy one either.
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