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Subject:  Life Saving .22 cal. Date:  1/24/2013  6:18 PM
Author:  wecoguy Number:  158048 of 171439

Tiny Beretta 950 "Jetfire" .22 Saves Man's Life During Bear Attack

My personal favorite survival/defense gun has always been a tiny little Beretta 950 "Jetfire" pistol that’s not much longer than a medium-sized pocket knife. It’s an extremely small, very simple, single-action, “blow back” type semi-automatic (no shell extractor) in a .25ACP caliber which can also shoot standard .22 short ammunition if loaded one at a time via the break-down barrel. Because of its extremely small size, I can easily carry it in any of my pockets along with my pocket knife and lighter without even knowing it’s there.

Over all the years I’ve been nature hiking in the northern Montana backwoods, I’ve never went out without my little Jetfire in my pocket, and I’ve never gone out alone because I’ve always followed the two cardinal rules for hikers:
(1) ALWAYS pack a very small, lightweight gun to use for signaling if you become lost, for shooting small game in the event you run out of food, and for personal defense against predators even if you’re only hoping the sound of the shot will scare them away.
(2) NEVER go hiking alone in the wilderness, and always use the “buddy system” so there will be someone to go for help if anything happens to either of you. Since it is imperative that you follow the “buddy system”, it doesn’t matter if your “buddy” is a friend, companion, spouse, or even an in-law you don’t like as long as there are always two of you for mutual support.

While nobody will argue that a well-placed shot is very effective from any type or caliber of firearm, even most “experts” will scoff at the thought of a little .25ACP or .22 short as being very effective at stopping a human – much less something 15-times as large and powerful as a full-grown grizzly bear. However, I am here to give testimony that all of you alleged “experts” are totally wrong!!!

I just safely returned from a very harrowing experience that happened during a rather short hike to only explore a possible new route to my favorite hiking trail that was less dangerous from rockslides that happen very often on my usual route. It was only about a 30 minute hike, so I only stuffed a single .22 short into the barrel of my Jetfire before slipping it into my pocket along with an 8-shot magazine of .25ACP in case I needed it. Since there was nobody else around at the time, I had to rely on my idiot brother-in-law to take along as my “buddy” for the short trip.