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Subject:  Re: Password Keepers Date:  1/25/2013  12:58 PM
Author:  GameMaker Number:  183511 of 197615

I use LastPass, and love it.

Top reasons I love it:

- I no longer have to remember the passwords to my stuff. Every one of my logins (not just financial) has a unique password. So I don't worry about Amazon, Apple, Sony, The Fool - if any one of them is hacked, it cannot leak to any of my other logins.
- Even if they are hacked, my data is safe - it is decrypted locally, by my master password alone. In fact, they WERE hacked.
The damage was minimal and easily abetted by changing my master password, which I did. As an added step, I went through and changed the passwords for all my sites. Using the included Generate Password tool, it took under an hour, and now all my passwords were different than they were. Even if the crooks were able to decrypt my passwords - they were no longer valid.
- It works on all my devices, mobile, desktop, all browsers, all my computers. I have access to all my passwords, all the time, not just when I'm at work, at home, etc.
- It has Form Fill, so when I go to fill out a shipping address form, I click "Home", and it's filled in, including credit card number, expiration date, security code, etc.
- It supports "identities". It knows by which Identity is active which login to use when the browser goes to My wife, son, and I all have logins, and it keeps them separate.
- It supports "Secure Notes", where I can keep other info like IP addresses and stuff.
- If I ever decide to shut it off, I can export all my info and take it with me. I'm not trapped into using it.

Their iOS app leaves something to be desired in terms of usability and functionality, but I can get by with it.

I don't believe any solution is perfect, because passwords are intrinsically flawed. This gives me by far the best flexibility and security with ease of use. Ultimately I think all the ones listed on the thread are probably equally good, I just happened to get started with LastPass, and it works, so I have no reason to switch.

Godo luck sorting this all out,
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