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Subject:  I have spent the past few hrs. on the phone Date:  1/25/2013  1:12 PM
Author:  LuckyDog2002 Number:  668286 of 876064


First call was to the NRA and after I gave my membership number to the lady and repeating all the information back, she started in on a pitch for a lifetime membership. I told her heck no, I subscribed for 5 yrs.. How about you ask me why I called? Well, she backed up and then I proceeded to tell her that I am a gun owner and believe in gun rights and all and became a member but ever since then, I've been inundated with emails and phone calls and I don't want them and i don't want to receive their magazine through the mail either and would prefer the American Rifleman magazine online. I repeated myself over again and complained and though she apologized she did say let me switch you over to another members services line and she says I would have a little wait time because of the recent action on gun rights so I waited and waited and then, a woman got on the line by the name of Ann and I went through my problem. She was very nice and patient and I didn't lose my temper, and she removed my email, phone and regular mail from any more promotions and also the subscription was changed as well She was very apologetic for the frustration that all this caused me. I had told the first woman that if it couldn't be changed then I wanted to cancel my membership.

Praise the GardenBunny I hope Ann took care of everything like she said she did.

The other phone call was to the utility department where I found out that there was no record of anyone calling in to report a leak at the meter on Monday or Tuesday. Ack! The contractor's son told me he either he's a liar or an idiot who doesn't know where I live and who to call. In any event, city is to come out Monday to look at the dang meter and fix it if they can or deem it their responsibility. I email the contractor to let him know about all this and to ask about the plumber. I was careful in my wording about his idiot son. I'll be curious as to what his response is.

My fear is and which I relayed to the contractor is that the City will say the contractor is responsible and then we have a back and forth on that. Ugh!

Now, it's 105, I'm starting to come out of my morning fog and I'm due another dose of caffeine before it gets to 130 and then I need to get the heck out of the house for cardio at gym and then go to Costco to pick up Sweetum's chemo pills. If I have jury duty next wk I wouldn't be able to get them. She gets 1 chemo pill on Tuesday and one on Friday and I'm all out after today's dose.

Ain't life grand? It's cold and I feel like a sloth, not wanting to move anymore than I have to.

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