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Subject:  Dividend Stocks or Dividend ETFs Date:  1/25/2013  4:06 PM
Author:  csm1rr Number:  117529 of 124284

Hello, I was advised to place this post on this board so please pardon the cross post.
I am familiar with individual stocks and mutual funds and how we receive year end statements listing all the different gains / losses for the year and the 1099 forms we usually receive by Jan 31 for the past tax year. My family did have a Family Limited Partnership but it is now dissolved. I know about the K-1 and that it takes a CPA professional to prepare Partnership and personal tax returns. A professional will be doing the 2012 tax returns. I am hoping to be doing my own tax return in 2013.

Right now I have inherited money that is in 3 accounts, all 3 accounts are labeled as my full name TRUST and I am the trustee. One account is a checking account, one account is at Merrill Lynch and the third account is at Fidelity. Everything is in cash among these 3 accounts at this point. The money in the Merrill Lynch and Fidelity TRUST accounts i