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Subject:  Re: Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 Date:  1/25/2013  5:14 PM
Author:  EthylMercaptan Number:  35050 of 37101

Bought Morrowind many years ago, but could not figure out how to fight effectively so was constantly killed and gave up.

One thing about Morrowind and Oblivion is the idiotic mechanism for leveling the pc. It was almost imperative to have a high endurance from the start of the game. If you are going to power game it, you want to pick a race that has high endurance(orc, redguard, or male nords), pick endurance as one of class attributes along with strength since half of the strength and endurance values are used to determine starting health. Then try to max out endurance to 100 in as little as time as possible since 10% of the endurance value is added to your health at every level. If you start out with strength and endurance at 30 and then don't raise endurance at all, by level 10 you have health of 57. If you go with say a male nord or redgaurd and then pick endurance and strength as the class abilities to bring those up to 60 each and then raise endurance by 5 points at each level up until you get it to 100. The level 10 pc would have health of 134 according to my calculations, plus it will be going up by 10 pts every level for the rest of the game.

The other thing about Morrowind is that dungeons are not leveled to the player, so it is entirely possible to run across a level 40 mob with a level 1 character. Save often is the only advice that I can give.

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