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Subject:  Re: Smart phones Date:  1/25/2013  8:27 PM
Author:  HarryG Number:  260451 of 278159

. . . smaart [sic] phones, while adding to the profits of many computer manufacturers is cutting pretty big holes in the sales of laptops & desktops . . .

It probably will continue to do that for a while. But I'm hoping that people are going to realize (finally) that some things need a bigger screen than a little 2 x 4 inch window. Just consider trying to work on a big spreadsheet from a phone:-(

Each platform has its place, and customary usage will tend to level out at some point. Yes, PCs may see somewhat lower sales, but then again, phones these days really are computers, and the chips that make them up are still being made by the same chip manufacturers. Plus, some of the computer sales outlets are selling phones, too.

My personal take is that the phone will become the platform of choice for 'social networking', but laptops and desktops will remain for so called 'hard core computer usage'. It remains to be seen what happens with tablets (which seem best suited for web browsing) and e-readers (which seem best suited for, well, reading). Neither of them have particularly convenient keyboard input (but then, neither do phones), which tends to rule them out for serious computing usage.

It's all very intertwined, and to paraphrase an ancient Chinese 'curse', will make for interesting times:-)

Harry G
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