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Subject:  Re: Mental Health: Use Gun = Use Ballot Date:  1/26/2013  7:05 AM
Author:  JoshRandall Number:  668345 of 876414

If we took mental health seriously, our government would reflect conservativism and would be constitutional, limited and non-invasive - would have respect for the rule of law, instill personal initiative and responsibility, would have a strong national defense, and insist on fiscal responsibility and being good stewards of the people's money. Charity would be encouraged, not coerced and respect for individual rights would supersede collectivism and identity politics. All of this would bring our country back to its founding principles and would happen if we took mental health seriously because liberalism is a mental disorder and just as people with mental health problems would not be allowed to purchase a weapon, so too would liberals not be allowed to hold office or to run government or to vote. Illegal aliens and dead people would not be allowed to vote and thugs wielding clubs would not be allowed anywhere near the voting facilities. People on welfare would be required to work and to earn the free benefits they receive and anyone receiving government benefits like welfare would be encouraged to work hard to learn a trade or profession so that they eventually could become productive members of society. Hard work and success would be rewarded, not punished and sloth and dependence on government would be discouraged, not rewarded. Anyone who is capable of working would be required to get a job and not get government benefits as a lifestyle choice. The free enterprise system would be celebrated and anyone who abuses it through fraud or coercion would punished to the full extent of the law. If people become unemployed, as a requirement for receiving TEMPORARY government assistance, they must provide documentation that they have been aggressively seeking work and if they have no skills, they must prove that they are going to trade school or a university working and succeeding on a trade or profession. They would receive temporary government assistance while attending school and working toward eventually getting a job and if they abuse that, all benefits will be cut off and they must return to their parent's basement and let them take care of these deadbeats so that people who work hard for a living don't have to be taxed to subsidize deadbeats and abusers of the system intended to help them get on their own feet and become self-reliant. Anyone who abuses their privileges of receiving temporary government assistance or tries to game the system will lose their privilege of voting and all assistance. While this is not a utopian system of government, the founders understand that people are often bad actors but if they understand that when they break the law that they will suffer consequences, then they will be incentivized not to act badly or they will pay the price and lose their rights to be a member of society and will be incarcerated. This is a good start. This is a mentally healthy society.
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