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Subject:  Re: Password Keepers Date:  1/26/2013  9:02 AM
Author:  arahfool Number:  183529 of 197845

You are correct that it's not really an issue for someone trying random passwords in a web browser.

The issue is if someone hacks in and steals the entire password file from the web site. They can then make as many attempt to crack passwords as they care to.

It really only takes one disgruntled employee (or perhaps two working together) to steal a password file directly. And hackers are constantly trying to find ways in to various web sites, with the occasional success.


I have used Roboform for a number of years and the above is the main reason I stay with them. I had in fact just started a trial run of LastPass when they were hacked. The thought of having all of my passwords in one place on the cloud lost its appeal.
I use the version of Roboform that keeps everything local.

When I travel I usually have my laptop and it also has Roboform installed. When traveling with my iPad I have limited access to my 'normal' websites except for specific apps that link me to my bank, eBay or Amazon.

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