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Subject:  Re: Where's the early retirement board? Date:  1/27/2013  10:00 AM
Author:  ascenzm Number:  668450 of 794811

In short, then, Trey, it's equal opportunity deep resentment of others! One would never guess from this board that, miracle upon miracles, people compromise to solve important problems every day of the year. As Dave's language points out, personalized attacks--rather than policy criticisms--hold great value here. The more self-righteous, the better.

There's a corresponding left-leaning board on the Motley Fool. I spend time reading both. Most here will disagree (and I'll await my lambasting as a lily-livered liberal!), but the easiest way to participate actively on the Camp FIRE board is to take an unapologetically militant, aggressive, derisive stance and refuse ever to budge an inch. It's a little party without festivities--a small-scale tea party, as it were.


For a newbie who joined TMF on 1/24/2103 you appear to have a deep knowledge of the TMF boards. Hmm, you would not be a dopple would you? All I know is before I started posting here I took a lot of time to lurk and learn the culture of the board that I selected as the board on which I would post.

Here is my answer to the OP's question.

"One reason the board seems to be populated by posters who are not enthralled with Democrats is because policies espoused by Democrat politicians are not conducive to FIRE.

Add in Democrats' opposition