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Subject:  Lefties love 'phantom' statistics Date:  1/27/2013  11:52 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  668468 of 875651

The Left loves a phantom statistic that a firearm in the hands of a citizen is X times more likely to cause accidental damage than to be used in the prevention of crime, but what is there about criminals that ensures that their gun use is accident-free? If, indeed, a firearm were more dangerous to its possessors than to potential aggressors, would it not make sense for the government to arm all criminals, and let them accidentally shoot themselves? Is this absurd? Yes, and yet the government, of course, is arming criminals. Violence by firearms is most prevalent in big cities with the strictest gun laws. In Chicago and Washington, D.C., for example, it is only the criminals who have guns, the law-abiding populace having been disarmed, and so crime runs riot.

Cities of similar size in Texas, Florida, Arizona, and elsewhere, which leave the citizen the right to keep and bear arms, guaranteed in the Constitution, typically are much safer. More legal guns equal less crime.


500 murders in Chicago...and 500 in Detroit......

Zero in Aurora IL, the second largest city in IL...where the police/feds have gone after the gangs and gang violence and shut it down and continue anti-gang intervention programs in school and in the city.

Chicago? Rampant gangs and gang violence and drug problems. Then again, Obama was a proud member of the druggie Choom Gang...and who knows what he does today. He was a coke user/dealer in college at Occidental College...probably he's just waiting to 'legalize' that too.....typical drug using lib.

But for Obama? oh, you can't put those gang members in jail....27th armed robbery, but they're victims of a 'bad childhood' so let them go free again again with 2 weeks in the slammer...or 90 days probation...

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