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Subject:  Re: On second thought, 2828 - Small Cap Issue Date:  1/28/2013  6:25 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  668819 of 876380

"I've heard that too about tilapia being garbage fish but truth be told anything farm raised is suspect of being in an unclean environment particularly if it comes from Asia.....but cook it up and I've had some fine tasting tilapia and farm raised salmon. All grilled or broiled not floured and fried." - LD


I can't afford to be that picky. I'll eat pretty much any fish I can get a good deal on, up to and including catfish and Swai. I loves me some fish - and fish is expensive so I've always got my eyes open looking for a bargain when shopping for fish.

Now what is funny is that my baby sister, that doesn't have a pot to pee in and is poor as as church mouse, raises hell about Tilapia like she is the queen of Sheba or something? She is so weird.

I have a niece that is the same way. Only wants to feed her kids organic food yet she is the laziest woman I have ever seen in my life and goes around looking for people to mooch off of she doesn't have to work, and then acts all high falutin about organic food and whatnot. She and my baby sister are cut from the same cloth.

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